Youth Vocal Performance Competition

Kathy Seaber and Michelle Klink, who have facilitated the competition for several years, and all LLCS Board Members believe that what we do for young vocal musicians in our community is very important work! We want you to know that we will offer the Vocal Competition in 2022. We’re planning to have the best year ever! We look forward to seeing you next year.


Please read all guidelines carefully. Contact with any questions regarding this information/application.

Q: Who may participate in the Youth Performance Award Competition?

A: There are two categories of participants: High School Level, ages 16 to 18; and Undergraduate College Level, ages 19 to 23. 

All participants must be studying or living in Lancaster County, PA. 

For example you are eligible:

  • If you have a permanent address in Lancaster PA, but attend college/high school out of the county
  • If your permanent address is outside Lancaster PA, but you attend college/high school in Lancaster, PA
  • If your permanent address is outside Lancaster PA, but you study with a teacher in Lancaster

Please note that first place winners in either category from 2020 are not eligible to audition in that same category again this year. We are waiving this restriction.

Q: What do the prize packages include? (We are hoping to have additional prize money for next year!)

A: The prizes are: High School Level, $700 and $500 for first and second place respectively and College level, $1,000 and $700 for first and second place respectively. Contest winners shall agree to perform in an Lancaster Lemonade Concert usually schedules for a date in June at Highland Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, PA where all of our lemonade Concerts take place.

Q: What if I win the competition but have a prior commitment on the date of the scheduled Lemonade Concert? 

A: Every attempt should be made to make yourself available for this event, but arrangements may be made for you to perform in another scheduled summer concert. In the event that we need to reschedule, the winner will be responsible for engaging an accompanist.


Q: Where will the audition take place?

A: First United Methodist Church, 29 E. Walnut St. Lancaster, Pa. Park in lot in back of Church and enter door by parking lot. Arrive at least 15-20 minutes before your scheduled audition time. Warm-up rooms are available. 

Q: What are the audition requirements?

A: Applicants are required to sing two memorized songs: an art song or aria in English and an art song or aria in a foreign language. 

Q: Do I need to bring my own accompanist?

A: An accompanist will be provided or applicants may choose to bring their own. Music must be in a book or binder for your accompanist. Single xerox pages on the piano are unacceptable. You must provide your music at least 2 weeks prior to your audition. Once you complete the application, you will receive an email with her contact information for the accompanist.

Q: How is the competition judged? 

A: We judge based on a number system of 100 points – Technique 45% (posture and alignment, breath management, phonation, resonation, articulation), Musicianship 45% (musical accuracy as in pitches, rests, rhythms, etc, phrasing, style, diction, dynamics, expression, etc),  and Professionalism 10% (overall presentation, artistry, stage presence, creativity, energy, and memorization)

In the event that we have a limited number of applicants, the contestant must receive a combined score of at least 165 points for high school and 180 points for college in order to qualify as a winner.

Q: Who will be judging the competition?

A: We will have two judges, qualified college level teachers.

Q: How shall I dress for my audition?

A: Remember, you are being judged on professionalism. Formal concert dress is not required. We recommend you dress as you would for an afternoon recital. 

Q: When will I hear if I am a competition winner?

A: Within 24 hours winners you will be notified by phone. Winners will also be posted on the Lancaster Lemonade Concert Series Website and Facebook pages. You will receive a letter from us shortly after the competition with your judge’s scores and comments.

APPLICATIONSSee link below to apply right here

Q: What is the application deadline?

A: The application deadline for the Youth Vocal Performance Award Competition is

Q: What materials are required for the online application?

A: basic personal information, the two selections you intend to sing for your audition, composer of your selections and name and contact information for your vocal teacher and a $20 non-refundable application fee.

Q: How will I know when my audition time will be?

A: You will receive an email in advance of the audition date.

Q: What if I am ill or have an unforeseen difficulty on audition day?

Contact us at


I understand that my photo may be used in press releases, Lemonade Concert promos, Lancaster Lemonade Concert series Website and Social Media.

Application Form – Click here –

Application Payment

Lancaster Lemonade Concert Series Youth Vocal Performance Competition

Application fee is $20. Pay here by Credit Card or send Check. Make checks payable to Lancaster Lemonade Concert Series and mailed to PO Box 444 Lititz, PA 17543


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