A Message from our president:

Dear Friends of the Lancaster Lemonade Concert Series:

Formerly Oparalancaster Associates, our name has changed but our mission remains the same. 

Oh, how we miss our audience, the excitement of the buses coming in from the local retirement communities, the beautiful music, the joyful laughter. We miss our friends at Highland Presbyterian Church who help with everything from setup to security. Why, we even miss serving the lemonade!

While we are sadly missing you, we need to tell you we have something to celebrate! Next summer, with the return of the concerts, we will be presenting our 50th Anniversary of Lemonade Concerts in the Lancaster community!

We are making plans for some really exciting concerts and have already booked Silver, Wood & Ivory and The British Brass Band!

In addition to the concerts we will hold The Youth Vocal Performance Competition, which provides scholarships for local high school and college vocal students and provides an opportunity for them to share their talent at one of our concerts. We are so pleased to have provided this award for 45 years, an opportunity not typical in most communities. 

All of our concerts are funded by freewill offerings. Of course, we had to cancel our current season including the competition. More than ever music lovers appreciate the power of live concerts in our lives. At this time, our all-volunteer board is hoping you will consider a freewill offering to help us celebrate our anniversary, bring our Vocal Competition back with additional scholarships offered next year and continue our mission of proudly supporting musicians in our community who have been so affected by recent circumstances. 

A contribution of any amount will be greatly appreciated. Please click on our Support tab and head over to help us keep this good thing going.

We are a 501(C)(3) and will provide you with appropriate acknowledgment and recognition. We are happy to answer any questions you may have at info@lemonadeconcerts.org.

We wish you a wonderful remainder of the summer. We look forward to seeing you next year when the lemonade and the music will be flowing again.

Sincerely yours,

Kay Kneisley

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